BBQ in a Bag


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8 Sirloin Patties, frozen
1 Martins, Hamburger Buns 8 pack
1 Martins, Hot Dog Buns 8 pack
8 Hot Dogs, D&W or Thurmans
1 Pint Pickle Chips
0.5 lb American Cheese
1 Jar Mancini Onions 12oz
10 Ears of Fresh Corn, Shucked
1/2 Watermelon, clear wrapped
2 lbs Potato Salad
1 lb Coleslaw
1 lb Macaroni Salad
1 Tomato, sliced
1 Lettuce leaves, washed
1 Herr's Chips, 9oz bag
1 Altomonte's Insulated Tote Bag


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